Hi, I'm Akash

Hello, everyone ‚úč

I'm a software developer living in Bangalore, India. I love to build and design things. I have experience in creating cross-platform desktop applications, website backends, user experience, and visual design. I have worked extensively in teams and alone.

WTF? Sound human Akash. Okay, here you go.

Huh, so you're interested in knowing more about me? The first thing I should mention that I don't have any unique talents. I consider myself pretty average. My two life principles are - don't give up and work really hard in the right direction. That's how I have achieved whatever you see so far. Born in a small town in MP, I have humble beginnings. Until 2009, the only thing I knew about computers was that it was invented by a guy named Charles or something..From there, I have taught myself everything. I'm still learning. I still have to Google the basic stuff like adding inline CSS in HTML :p

I'm currently buidling Fold and Devfolio.

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